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Affordable Supply Chain IT Solutions

In 2005 we were awarded the ‘national award’ for Supply Chain Innovation by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Since then we have developed even more unique and tailored supply chain IT solutions for our customers, including scanning solutions, online applications, system integrations, B2B and B2C websites … the list goes on! It’s all in an effort to assist our customers to streamline their business processes and ultimately reach new markets and make more money!

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System)

In layman's terms, a business management software system! We offer a mid tier system, through MYOB EXO, that's designed for medium sized businesses and it's a system that extends beyond your basic invoicing and accounting needs. Our ERP manages debtors, creditors, inventory, offers tailor-made reporting, payroll, tax and much more. It can also integrate with your point of sale and asset management applications.

The biggest benefit is we've customised ERP systems for the majority of our customers so we know how to maximise the ERP system for your business. Apparel, pharmaceuticals, general merchandise ... our ERP will work for your business, whatever the product or business model and best of all it's affordable!

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Most 3PL providers have their own WMS. The role of the WMS is to control the inventory of the warehouse, so you know where your product is located in the warehouse and help in controlling things like batches, expiry dates, dangerous goods etc.

The Supply Chain Solutions WMS is much more than just a warehouse management system, it's also a FMS (Freight Management System) which allows the user to choose the most cost effective freight service for a product or order. This in itself can save your business thousands of dollars over a year! All you do is enter the size of your box into our system and it will tell you whether it's cheaper to send the box by courier or bulk, easy as!

But the best part about our WMS, it's incredibly user-friendly and designed to 'interface' with other systems. In particular with EDI (Electronic Date Interface) which means no keying orders, which reduces costs and kills any keying errors and it speeds up processing times.

PS. We have an in-house IT team available for the support of all our applications.

B2B and B2C Websites

Supporting an inevitable change of buying habits towards more and more on-line shopping, Supply Chain Solutions has developed a slick B2B and B2C offering. As a technology based company, our sites are highly cost effective (less than NZD $5K) and are already supporting a number of Bluechip companies like Telecom, DB and Jim Beam, as well as a number of small to medium sized enterprises, who wish to take advantage of these new selling channels.

These sites offer tight integration with inventory and domestic tracking capabilities and these projects are supported by a professional graphic design element, so you know we'll make your business 'look good'.

There you have it, Supply Chain Solutions offer more than just warehousing. Our innovative IT solutions have helped businesses grow and enter new markets and it’s one of the main reasons businesses decide to work with us.

Give us a call on 092561232 and discover how our IT solutions can move your business forward!

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