Professional Advisory Services

To give you an idea on what we offer, here are some projects we've worked on recently:

Brother Printers

We implemented a WMS for Brother Printers in Wellington and showed them how to improve the management of their warehouse. The key thing that sold the CFO, on using Supply Chain Solutions, was that we are a unique consultant/software vendor and we could demonstrate the application of the WMS, as we are a practitioner ourselves. In other words, we walk the talk!

Luptons Carriers

We implemented a WMS for Luptons Carriers, who have started a 3PL division recently. We helped them win the Waitakere Trust fulfillment business and have now provided consultancy on how to set up the warehouse. We are also implementing a WMS ,with a tailor made Purchase Order Management system that runs on new android devices. We have also built a bespoke scan picking and barcode printing application for their alcohol fulfillment model.

Steel and Tube

For Steel and Tube we have illustrated how applying technology to their freight network can deliver thousands of dollars in annual savings. We have created mapped key order fulfillment processes to illustrate how systems need to be built to consider workflow, deliver order transparency and workflow management tools to significantly improve efficiency (current systems have virtually no visibility).

IT Projects we've created:

Telecom Online Shop for Staff

An online ordering system for staff to purchase uniforms. A great feature of this system is the ability to set credit limits for individual staff members.

Beam P.O.S Online Shop

An online ordering system for company reps to order their point of sale requirements.


A fully integrated, online freight program for businesses who want to do fulfillment from their own premises.

* Prices exclude GST. Supply Chain Solutions 3PL customers receive a 25% discount on all Professional Services.

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