At Supply Chain Solutions we offer 3, 4 & 5 Party Logistics and Professional Services


Over the years we have come across many customers that need more than ‘out of the box’ supply chain solutions. So we have developed services to cater for all types of businesses that use and/or need supply chain management, from warehousing and customer services, right through to B2B websites and Project Management. We do it all!

Professional Services

We are the experts in Supply Chain Management! We know how to build, run and manage warehouses successfully … it’s what we do best. So, we’ve decided to share our knowledge by offering professional services to those who want to maximise their Supply Chain.

3PL ~ Third Party Logistics

The main services a 3PL offers are: transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging and freight forwarding. These services are usually bundled together to provide a complete service.So if you are importing and/or selling products and don’t want to invest in your own warehouse to store, pick ‘n’ pack, and deliver goods to your customer, then use Supply Chain Solutions. Why? To save money and the hassle of running a warehouse!

4PL ~ Third Party Logistics

The main services a 4PL offers are: customer services, debtor management, cash handling, hosted accounting system & management, sales reporting, GST & payroll and procurement.Basically you can pick and choose which services suit your business now and add services later if you wish. The great thing is, everything is transactionally billed and with measurable outcomes, so you can focus on buying and selling!

5PL ~ Fifth Party Logistics

5PL is our IT development service. When implementing new customers into our warehouse, we discovered a need for logistics systems to be integrated across and into various platforms, to streamline business operations and save time for all parties involved. So we offer this level of service to all our customers.Whether it be integrating your accounting software into our WMS (Warehouse Management System), or creating a B2B site so you can increase sales, our IT department has the experience and knowledge to customise solutions for your business … at an affordable price!

Our professional services include: Supply Chain Strategy and Consulting, IT Development and Project Management, basically anything Supply Chain related! Here is our professional services pricing model. Otherwise call us for a FREE, No Risk discussion on how our professional services can improve the way you do business.

So call us NOW on 092561232 and remove the stress of supply chain from your business!

So, whether you’ve outgrown your garage and need more space to store your product, or you want to take your Supply Chain to the next level, we can help! With over 10 years experience in the industry we know what works and can help you to streamline your supply chain management at all levels.

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