Staff Profiles

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Operantion Manager "My Biggest achievement while working with SCS is my personal career progress. I started as Casual staff member and with the support of my seniors and team I have moved my way to Operations Manager."


Commercial Manager ”I studied Psychology at University but once I finished I straight away went into logistics and have worked in a range of industries and countries, from Bathroomware in Chch, to high end boutique fashion in London, from paper furniture in Vancouver, to kids clothing back here in Auckland “


Team Manager ”I started working in SCS in August, 2017 as a casual. My first promotion to 2IC was in 2018 and then I got promoted to Team Manger in 2019. My current position is Team manager“

Sara Ann Peters

Project Coordinator – Onboarding ”I started working for S.C.S at the age of 19 back in February 2010. I was only in the operational role for 6 months before I move into a junior CS role working with a total of 40+ bulk customers at the South end of 11 Timberly. From there I progressed to a customer service rep role and then at the age of 21 became S.C.S youngest customer service manager with a team of 3 staff.“


Warehouse Manager ”I stared working in SCS in October 2014 as a casual staff member. I have seen a lot of change since then and have come across lots of opportunity to grow. I have worked as Team member, 2IC, Team manager and currently working as Warehouse Manager “

Kataraina Rihari

Project Support ”I have lived in Auckland for over 15 years now with my Cook Island husband and our 4 children. I have work experience across Manufacturing, Internal Sales, Operational Logistics and Customer Services. I am currently working in the SCS Business Improvement team as Project Support.“

Phillip Brougham

Operations Manager ”Starting at SCS as a casual store person, I was never sure what to expect coming to work as every day came with new challenges and a different range of work.“

Nick Weaver

Team Leader ”I work in the onboarding team with aspirations of making my way up further through the business. I began working with SCS through the beginning stages of their Cadetship Program and started work as the Team Leader for one of the dispatches.“

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