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Sara Ann Peters

My name is Sara

My name is Sara and I started working for S.C.S at the age of 19 back in February 2010.


I was employed as an operational staff member to pick, pack, and send wedding gifts for 1 client (my only client).


I was only in the operational role for 6 months before I move into a junior CS role working with a total of 40+ bulk customers at the South end of 11 Timberly.

From there I progressed to a customer service rep role and then at the age of 21 became S.C.S youngest customer service manager with a team of 3 staff.

After 8 years of customer service, I took an opportunity at SCS to move into the projects team to try something new. For the past 2 years, I have been working in the On-boarding role has me working with new clients of SCS and implementing them into our warehouses.

What did you know about SCS before you joined the team?

Prior to starting with SCS, I knew nothing about S.C.S or what 3PL was. It took me about a year to understand what 3PL warehousing was, but I’m glad I stuck around.

What has been your biggest achievement working for SCS so far?

Personally, my biggest achievement would be that I have managed to keep progressing in my role, from operations to customer service and now to projects. As an asset to SCS, I suggested an alternative way for SCS to capture packaging charges and invoice it out correctly (under a very manual system before packaging was automated). The work required did not cost any labour or added cost to SCS but saw better management in monthly account ordering. The month it was implemented for everyone saw SCS go from a $3K loss to a profit which stood each month until we moved to a more automated system.

How has SCS supported your Career?

SCS has helped me grow personally and professionally (since I started from a young age) With the opportunities SCS have provided me, I have always had support to achieve the next working goal through courses or mentoring. Not only have I had the chance to progress in my career at SCS and work in most departments SCS has also supported my home life and allowed some flexibility with my work hours (returning from maternity leave) and the ability to work from home where necessary. This has helped me out in so many ways over the past 11 years while working from SCS.

What do you enjoy the most about working for SCS?

For me, the best thing about working for SCS has been the opportunities I have been provided. It allowed me to move to different aspects of the business and try new things. It has not been a boring job here at SCS. I also really enjoy working with my colleagues directly in my team and from other departments (operations, customer service, IT) we have such a diverse culture here at SCS and it's great to just work alongside every department.

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