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I stared working in SCS in October 2014 as a casual staff member…

I have seen a lot of change since then and have come across lots of opportunity to grow. I have worked as Team member, 2IC, Team manager and currently working as Warehouse Manager.

What did you know about SCS before you joined the team?

To be honest, wasn’t really aware about the logistic world at that time but only had knowledge of supply chain through my education.

What has been your biggest achievement working for SCS so far?

Biggest achievement I would say will be the personal growth and the knowledge I have gained through out my working career at SCS.

How has SCS supported your career?

I always feel proud and blessed while working at SCS as everyone has supported me to grow and achieve my targets. Also, SCS has always been a big help for me with my immigration as well.

What do you enjoy the most about working for SCS?

I enjoy every aspect of SCS and how they are connected with each other. All staff member working at SCS are helpful and always ready to go extra mile which makes it great to work in a healthy environment. I enjoy each day as it is a different day with different challenge. One can never get bored working at SCS as there is always a challenge available to take if you are up for one.

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