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Nick Weaver

Hi, I’m Nick.

I work in the onboarding team with aspirations of making my way up further through the business. I began working with SCS through the beginning stages of their Cadetship Program and started work as the Team Leader for one of the dispatches. I have been with SCS for around 1 Year.

What did you know about SCS before you joined the team?

I knew that SCS was a place that looks after its employees and does everything they can to give them opportunities to improve themselves and to progress their careers. I knew that, although growing rapidly, SCS still managed to maintain the feel of a small business with people from the SLT easily and often making their way around to interact with everyone and get to know a bit more about you. I knew that SCS was more than your average 3PL provider and offer so much more to their customers than you first expect.

What has been your biggest achievement working for SCS so far?

My biggest achievement working with SCS is finding a position and workmates that trust in my ability and that I can get the job done. I am given the responsibility to onboard clients from start to finish and to manage all of the interactions with customers while my manager trusts that I will make the right calls and do what’s best for everyone.

How has SCS supported your Career?

Through the Cadetship, SCS has given me a look at all different aspects of the business and now that I have found where I want to be working, SCS is helping me to develop a plan for where I want to go with my career both at SCS and beyond. With a plan in place, I am looking for opportunities for how I can get where I want to go and SCS is helping provide these for me.

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