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I started as a on call casual in SCS…

During my interview, Interviewer asked me if I have done the picking before and my answer was yes! I done Kiwi fruit picking before.

What did you know about SCS before you joined the team?

I had ZERO knowledge about 3PL industry and I had no knowledge about SCS.

What has been your biggest achievement working for SCS so far?

My Biggest achievement while working with SCS is my personal career progress. I started as Casual staff member and with the support of my seniors and team I have moved my way to Operations Manager.

How has SCS supported your career?

They have done everything that could be possible to support me in my career. SCS has taught me how to survive in New Zealand , have helped with my immigration and given personal help when ever I needed it in difficult times.

What do you enjoy the most about working for SCS?

The work environment and the people I work with are great! There is plenty of opportunity for personal development and growth opportunities for your career.

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