SCS is the only Supply Chain Company we know of that guarantees our services.

At SCS we offer more than a standard 3PL service, as a supply chain management company, we have a broader offering that helps all facets of the supply chain. We delve deeper into our customers supply chains to help provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the physical, systematic and strategic components that contribute to […]

Split DC Model

Have you ever thought that splitting your stock holding between North and South Island may help you reduce distribution costs? Would you like to get stock to your South Island customers faster? Happier customers and less costs are always a good thing, right? Our customers that have taken up a split delivery model comment on […]

Forecasting – Why is it important?

When operating your business, you have a forecast in place to understand your targets and expectation for the year(s) ahead.  This helps with navigating expectations around resourcing, product holding, financials etc.  Often passing this info on to your 3PL provider isn’t thought of as critical, but failing to do so can have disastrous consequences in […]

Project Fire + Brimstone

Hi Everyone 2023 has seen SCS engage in a new way of managing changes, enhancements, and improvements to our internal systems (Colosys, the portal, and associated apps).  We have wrapped a project around all of system development and  are managing it in PaT to ensure that we get amazing results (check out the previous Blog […]