Multiple Facilities

3 facilities with money-saving features!

You’re probably wondering how the type of building we run can effect your bottom line. Well read on and you’ll discover that ceiling heights and aisle widths, have a major impact on our pricing model.

High Stud Ceilings

Our 2 primary facilities (Westney Road and 11 Timberley Road) were designed with high stud ceilings which means our racking can go 8 pallets high. Industry standard in the past was only 6 pallets high, so as a result, we can offer extremely competitive pricing, when it comes to warehouse storage.

Compression Ratio

Every customer gets one! At Supply Chain Solutions we give every customer a compression ratio so storage is charged out as accurately as reasonably possible. So every pallet of product stored in one of our 3 facilities, should be at least 80% full – most of the time. If your pallets are less than 80% full when we do our regular check, we will consolidate the pallets at our cost.

VNA (Very Narrow Aisles)

Our Very Narrow Aisle operational model condenses traditional aisle widths from 3M to nearly half at 1.7M. Ideal for small pick items (garment, pharmaceutical etc.) The configuration of shelving from the floor to 11M in the air, allows for previously unobtainable storage density. The wire guided ‘man up’ machinery delivers exceptional picking and placement productivity gains. When combined with “Put Arrays”, we are able to nearly half the costs that traditional processing models offer.

To give you an idea of how well this system works, high velocity “own store” pick/pack/dispatch of garments used to cost around 0.50 to 0.60/per garment. With this new model we are able to offer rates between 0.30 and 0.35 per garment and also means we are more future-proofed for our storage costs compared with other providers.

Warehouse Tour

Take a virtual tour of our facilities. It won’t have quite the same impact as an actual tour, but it will give you an idea of the scale of our operation.

Our 3 Facilities

Westney Facility & Head Office

74 Westney Road, Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand

Click here to see a map.

Timberly Facility

11 Timberly Road, Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand

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East Facility

3 Timberly Road, Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand

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