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Starting with, or moving to, a new Supply Chain provider can be daunting. You want to make sure the provider you go with is trustworthy, has experience in the industry, will deliver on promises … Working with Supply Chain Solutions you hand over control to a trusted partner, someone who is battle tested, someone who “has your back” and delivers tremendous benefits to your business. This means you can concentrate, uninterrupted, on the key aspects of your business that make it successful.

NZ Owned & Operated

The first thing you will notice about us is, we are not a multi-national and we are not an international, or domestic freight forwarder like most of our 3PL competitors. We are a completely New Zealand owned enterprise.

The size of our business and our business model, as a non asset based organisation, puts us in a unique position in the New Zealand marketplace to offer you a special solution that will yield cost and service benefits beyond any other. Asset based competitors have a vested interest to support their own freight network, whilst this is always good for them, it may not always be good for you.

The benefit of working with Supply Chain Solutions is we pull together and manage ‘best of breed’ suppliers to deliver you the best solution. And most importantly, you’re supporting the NZ economy and that’s got to be good!

Established in 2001

Supply Chain Solutions opened for business in 2001 with five staff. Since then the business has evolved from a 3PL provider to a 4PL , 5PL and Professional Services provider and has grown to over 100 staff. 98% of our clients come from our competitors, or have been referred to us by ‘word of mouth’. Conversely, we have the highest client retention record in our industry, with a reputation for not losing clients.

More Than Just Warehousing

Supply Chain Solutions can offer you much more than moving boxes. Our core business is contract warehousing, however, we have the skills and commercial intelligence to bring together all the elements of the supply chain into a tailor made solution that recognises the unique requirements of your business. This includes full time, in-house IT resource, with experience in system integration, hardware and many programming languages, as well as specialist knowledge in procurement, inventory management and demand management.

We can help you improve your bottom line and increase your customer service deliverables, remove the hassle of managing staff, maintain service levels and empower you to focus on the core aspects of your business … sales/marketing and product development.

By choosing Supply Chain Solutions as your partner, you’ll enjoy a reduced total cost of ownership on the operational side of your business – guaranteed. This means more money in the bank and you’ll benefit from competitive advantages through our technology and specialist focus, which means more sales opportunities and future proofing of your business.

Apply for a Workshop

We charge $7,000 to cover our expenses for this exercise.
We’re so confident in our ability to deliver value, our workshops are covered by out subjective guarantee.

    Subjective Guarantee

    If you are not absolutely satisfied with your workshop experience and the strategic documentation provided, simply provide us with your feedback and don't pay the invoice