SCS is the only Supply Chain Company we know of that guarantees our services.


At SCS we offer more than a standard 3PL service, as a supply chain management company, we have a broader offering that helps all facets of the supply chain. We delve deeper into our customers supply chains to help provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the physical, systematic and strategic components that contribute to the total cost of ownership, as well finding ways to unlock value within the supply chain.

Our SCS guarantee:

If in your subjective opinion you do not feel the value of our services is at least 5X the investment then there is no obligation to pay our invoice

Within the professional services team we have employed a group of supply chain practitioners with a fantastic breath of knowledge and experience of all aspects of Supply Chain management. What makes them an extremely powerful asset to any business is their practical hands on experience, deep and detailed knowledge, critical and logical thinking as well as experience with diving deep into issues and pulling through creative and smart solutions. We are continually honing our expertise to ensure that we are continually improving, challenging, testing and applying in our abilities.

What services do we offer?

  • Supply Chain Workshops
  • Supply Chain Benchmarking
  • Functional Requirements documents to scope an ERP or WMS
  • implementation of an ERP or WMS
  • Project Management
  • Process review, improvement and optimisation

So what benefits can we bring to you?

  • reduced supply chain costs
  • unlocking hidden value from within your supply
  • improve visibility across your supply chain
  • speed up your time to market
  • reduce your inventory holding
  • release capital locked in your supply chain

Our consulting services have been used to support everything from start-ups to established businesses, importers exporters and retailers as well as government departments. (build some credibility, even better use a testimonial quote from a client”). We’ve companies save millions, break into new markets, level up their IT systems and scale from 5, 6, 7 and 8 o 7, 8 and even 9 figure turnovers.

Supply Chain is a very broad subject, SCS can help you strategise solutions competently across a range of IT Apps (ERP, WEB, MRP, Forecasting, EDI etc…) and Physical Logistics services (Global Forwarding, Domestic Freight and Courier, 3 and 4PL services)we are increasingly competing against the big 4, unlike them we guarantee our services.

Our Standard Process

  • Initial discussion (no fee)
    • If it feels like there is value to explore, then;
  • SCS present a Proposal (No fee)
    • If accepted, then;
    • Workshop (fees apply)
    • Info gathering (fees apply)
    • Solution design (fees apply)
    • Supply Chain Strategy Output document (invoiced here to cover fees, guarantee applies)
  • Solution Execution
    • if happy with Output document and plan then fees apply as per Output Document.

If your interested in having a chat around the current problems you are experiencing within your supply chain and hearing how SCS can help solve these problems, get in contact with Mike ( or 021483832)  to start your journey to a smoother supply chain.


Subjective Guarantee

If you are not absolutely satisfied with your workshop experience and the strategic documentation provided, simply provide us with your feedback and don't pay the invoice