Project Fire + Brimstone


Hi Everyone

2023 has seen SCS engage in a new way of managing changes, enhancements, and improvements to our internal systems (Colosys, the portal, and associated apps).  We have wrapped a project around all of system development and  are managing it in PaT to ensure that we get amazing results (check out the previous Blog posts on how PaT is helping us increase our deliverables and quality).  Project Fire + Brimstone has been running for about 2 months now and we are seeing in improvement in the quality of scoping, planning and execution within our system developments. The changes won’t affect you as a customer, however, there are a couple of points that are worth knowing about the new changes.

  • We have adopted the Software Development Life cycle to manage our implementations of new systems. By adopting the Software Development Lifecycle, we can apply clear phasing and project management to development, in a structured format. The below image shows you the phases within the lifecycle.
  • We have a Steerco in place to manage the prioritisation of developments, the steerco meets monthly to work through all the requested work to determine the priority based on the value to internal and external customers.
  • We are aiming to move development to an agile approach which will allow us to complete work in sprints and publish work quicker.
  • Periodically we will release visual development roadmaps to our customers and team members so that everyone has an understand of upcoming improvements or enhancements.
  • Internally, Project Fire + Brimstone will improve the communication of improvements to our systems and allowing leaders to get good visibility of system changes that can Improve their operations, and therefore support our customers better.

As always, we appreciate any feedback from our customers our suggested improvements, if you have any suggestions, feel free to discuss with your Business Manager, and they will get the improvements scoped and onto the project plan.




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