While NZ was experiencing the Summer of Cyclones the family and I decided to undertake a small project “1000 piece puzzle”. It was a bit of a task for the boys and I with so many repeating patterns and trying to locate the right piece! We did get there in the end 🙂

During the journey a couple of thoughts struck me …

  1. Imagine if we get to the end and a piece is missing … the horror!
  2. Although the puzzle is not Lego per se but Lego and must be one of the toughest businesses to get pick accuracy correct and perfect accuracy is required. They have has millions of little pieces with no barcodes to identify the product (that said it is pretty automated) and they have to make sure is pack is right. There accuracy is truly amazing.
  3. Accuracy has 2 concepts attached to it, and a business must balance the both of them
    1. An exponential relationships between Cost and Accuracy (eg to go from 99% to 100% does not cost 1% more, it is significantly higher)
    1. The requirement of the Customer Experience (eg picking gold bars vs picking pieces of coal)

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