A little bit of good news


Hi All,

It is not often recently that we can bring non-inflationary news to our clients but I wanted to share 2 pieces of positive news … while they are not major in the grand scheme of things I believe it shows that you that we continue to try (in these testing times) to continue to offer the best value service for you.

  1. Queens Memorial Service Public Holiday … SCS decided as a business while this is a direct cost to us not to pass this cost on to our clients. To put in perspective, if this was a normal year with normal profits this would mean 2 weeks work for no profit (it is not a normal year and like other NZ businesses we are suffering)
  2. Bascik … when I think back over the years of working with linehaul companies these guys time and time again come up as the best partner. Below is an email we received from Tony (the owner) this week. I can’t thank them enough for the care that they provide for our client’s south bound freight.



I hope you have  great long labour weekend and see you on the other side for the busy Xmas season.

Philip Walsh
P: +6421 474 101


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