Things you can do while isolating due to Covid.


Well there is nothing like going through an experience to know what it is all about. I have just tested positive for COVID and so now must isolate for 7 days.

My first thought was oh no I’ve got the dreaded disease……is it going to make me very sick? I have read a lot of horrific accounts online about the severity of this COVID-19; BUT because of my studies, I know about well being and that it is normal to think worst case scenario initially as it is a built-in survival instinct. It also matters what I have been feeding my mind as the things I see and hear create a vision and influence my belief system due to an action called Confirmation Bias.

So my well being training means instead of focusing my mind and energy on the problem I need to focus on the solution and I am grateful for all of the practices I have been putting into action for the past 2 years that are scientifically proven to boost my immunity system. I also need to focus on having a positive mindset which includes my thought process, e.g. visualising being healthy and healed, speaking out loud with positive affirmations like….I am healed, I am healthy, I am loved, my immunity system has got this etc.

Having the 7 day isolation period is a blessing to me as it gives me the time to focus on those practices even more.

The practices like Wim Hof breathing, Grounding, Zhan Zhuang, Cold Showers, Visualisation, Meditation and watching videos that feed my mind in a positive way and that create a positive and uplifting vision of the future in my mind.

My COVID journey started with a temperature of 38 degrees and sweating profusely overnight and I developed a slight cough and my nose became blocked so I cleared it every time it did become blocked because I need to breathe through my nose to ensure my blood is getting as much Nitric Oxide as I can possibly give it.

I also went outside and lay on the ground for a long period of time ensuring my bodies electrical charge was being regulated. While laying there I practiced my Buteyko breathing….slowed my breathing down to 3 to 5 breathes per minute while I visualised myself looking healthy and healed.

My symptoms remained minor with just the cough and the 38 degrees temperature and on the third morning I woke up and had stopped coughing and my temperature had gone down to 37.3 and I was feeling great after my Wim Hof breathing etc and as the day has progressed my temperature has come down to 36.3 and I now feel very normal.

Here’s a video I’d like to share, which I found to be inspiring. I am consciously making sure I am mindful of the words I speak out loud at this present time and will also be mindful of it in the future.

So there it is. I am 3 days into my isolation period and I have already recovered from the virus. This works for me, it might for you. Make the time and effort for your health and wellbeing, and support boosting your immunity system, as it could also help you beat any virus or infection that comes your way!

Kind Regards

Graeme Noone

SCS Wellness Facilitator

Disclaimer: This is a personal piece; sharing Graeme’s experience and how he survived the effects of COVID.


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