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When I first set out on my own journey of self discovery and learning to become an improved version of myself I could never have imagined in a million years that the world and its people would be living like we do now.

I started off with the idea that this blog was going to be about Covid but honestly Im over hearing about it and over talking about it. I have decided I would rather focus on something more positive as I refer back to my mantra of ” It is never the situation I find myself in that is the problem but simply my attitude to it. “

As the SCS Wellness Facilitator my job is to teach staff how to find tools and strategies within themselves to help them cope with the stressful issues that may come into their lives from time to time.

This may be as simple as thinking about an unpleasant issue or event from the past that is attached to varying unpleasant emotions that cannot be avoided due to the deep traumatic or stressful tone of that issue or event. Thoughts are always the seeds that start to create these feelings and emotions…they go hand in hand according to how much attention I am giving that particular thought process.

Even as a Wellness coach I sometimes have issues that I need to address by going deep within myself to find the motivation, energy and effort to put into action and use the tools and strategies to deal with those issues. Those times are never easy and often there is an internal battle within my mind and spirit that has to be processed in a peaceful and productive way.

So how do I do that? MINDFULNESS is the key for me…..its about being PRESENT in the moment and understanding that emotions and feelings are like waves, they come and go in varying levels of intensity and pace of movement and its all ENERGY but how am I going to process that energy.

If I am present in my mind then my mind is not in the past or the future it is HERE and NOW. Part of my mindfulness practice is to focus on BREATH and the way I am breathing.

Breathing is mostly a subconscious practice…we dont have to think about it consciously to do it. And mindfulness is about being conscious. Science says that the average human being spends 95% of their day operating or behaving from the subconscious mind and only 5% from the conscious mind but the good news is you can consciously change that if you want too, its always your choice and the more you practice it the better you get at it.

Bringing my mind back to focusing on and thinking about how I am breathing helps to bring my mind to the conscious present. Am I breathing through my nose? Am I mouth breathing? Is my breathing deep and slow or is it fast and shallow?

You may say why does that matter? It actually matters alot in regards to my health and well being. If I am breathing fast and shallow then I will most likely be feeling stressed because fast shallow breathing triggers the sympathetic nervous system which creates our fight/flight response whereas slow, deep breathing triggers the parasympathetic nervous system and our vagus nerve which is responsible for creating calm and peace within us.

If I am breathing through my mouth I am missing out on the vital healing chemical our nasal passage produces called Nitric Oxide. So it is much healthier for me to breathe through my nose as much as possible.

So by taking control of my breathing consciously not only am I practicing mindfulness I am manipulating and controlling my nervous system. Ensuring that I remain peaceful and calm during my daily activities. Long term stress is a thing of the past for me.

Practicing Diaphragmatic breathing also helps to oxygenate my whole body including all my organs and brain that increases my ability to feel and be energised. Its hard to not be peaceful and calm when one knows how to practice these things.

Some of the benefits to me that come from these daily practices are I have an increased level of tolerance for others behaviour, I have more empathy for people in general. Its much easier to get my work done and I have much more energy for after work activities. Its easier to get up in the morning and by the time I get to work I have a happy, peaceful and calm disposition. I can process any stress I may feel very quickly and move on from any unpleasant emotions I may be feeling in an accelerated way.

Also the long term effects to my general health and well being is improved. I am amazed at how such a simple thing as breathing and taking control of it can have such a hugely positive influence on all areas of my life.

So having said all of this I would encourage you to check it out for yourself. Oxygen is free, the only cost is the time and effort to put it into practice. Below are a couple of links you may like to check out and the detoure.io link is my own Health and Well Being coaching website called DETOURE.



Anyway I hope this blog finds you in a great state of mind and life is treating you well and if it isnt then I hope you have the tools and strategies to help you cope.

Kind Regards

Graeme Noone – SCS Wellness Facilitator.


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