Your Choices Define Your Future


As the Wellness Coordinator at SCS and Glass Elephant (GEKO) my job is to create and deliver a Wellness Program for our staff, where I share researched and scientifically factual information around various wellness topics, to help staff look into their own journey of life, and identify areas or ways that they can apply some of the tools or strategies, while they are on their journey of developing a successful future of well being.

It is always their choice what they do with that knowledge. Knowledge by itself is just that, knowledge.

Putting effort and action in to implementing knowledge, is always the hardest bit; its a CHOICE that will define the outcome of their future.

Making an informed choice is a great strategy. Taking the time to learn the information is a valuable use of time and the value increases when the information is acted upon and used to improve ones life.


Our ACTIONS after we have made the choice or decision will dictate the future outcomes. It sounds simple to do BUT it is actually incredibly hard due to these reasons:




With such reasons mentioned above, how much choice do we have, consciously, once we are subject to the program or habitual behaviour that is controlled by our subconscious mind?

How much choice does one have when they are told by their supervisor to focus more on the task at hand and stop mucking around?

How much choice does one have when they are told, “Any emotional issues you are carrying from home should be left at the door when you walk into work!”?

My studies of the brain and mind show me that you can not just tell someone to think and behave in a certain way. They have to be taught or developed over a period of time because their choices are limited to what they actually practice thinking and doing on a daily basis.

My theory is, by helping the staff to create more power in their life by actively getting them to create more choices through well being workshops and wellness sessions at work, not only will it help the business, it will benefit the communities and homes they live in as well.

So when a business invests in the well being of their staff, its money well spent in my opinion.

Here at SCS we have continued to invest in the well being and training of our staff to help them overcome challenges they may face at work or at home.

I believe this choice to be a great one, and one that bodes well for the future of the business.

Kind Regards

Graeme Noone, Wellness Facilitator


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