Studying about health and wellness has brought up many issues regarding my own life and ability to be able to put into practice what I learn.

Most of the knowledge is simple and fairly straight forward and one would think that once one knows the knowledge the next step would just to be to put it into action but simple does not mean easy.

Every time I learn something new and try to begin to practice it I come up against RESISTANCE and also my excuse mind which I explained about in the previous wellness blog.

RESISTANCE is always there trying to stop me from improving my life. Acknowledging that fact does not make the new practice any easier, it is always difficult to push through and implement the new practice into my life, it is always uncomfortable and sometimes just down right unpleasant as far as my feelings go.

FEELING like practicing a new way to be is often absent in the equation of change. If I waited to FEEL like practicing the new way Im fairly certain that the change would never happen.

So my best strategy is to embrace the uncomfortableness and understand that this feeling will only last for a period of time and that by pushing through the RESISTANCE I gain something I did not have before the new practice and that is an increased amount of RESILIENCE.

Pushing through the resistance is the only way to gain that resilience that I need for an improved life. So it makes sense to me to just find the necessary effort to put the action in and that takes energy.

Often times everyday challenges sap these energy levels and I am left feeling tired and unable to commit to the new practices. So it also makes sense to practice strategies that increase my energy levels.

Having the energy to face the challenges that come into my life on a daily basis is something I have control over, its always up to me and it is vital that I plan my day so that my energy levels are fully topped up before I even begin my day.

Eating nutritious food is one of the basic tools for gaining energy and understanding and being self aware about my nutritional needs on a daily basis is the foundation to a much healthier and improved life.

So my advice to you if you are struggling with improved growth in your life is to study all you can about your MICROBIOME and the nutritional foods that will give you the energy you need for that improved life of health and wellness.

Always remembering that the World Health Organization recommend eating 10 or more different types of fruit and veges on a daily basis. Do you do this? If not are you willing to change your eating habits to include this practice knowing that the new practice is going to be hard and not something you really want to do?

Anyway I will leave you with those thoughts and the questions as it is always up to you what you do with any information and knowledge that is provided to you.


Graeme Noone – Training and Development Facilitator at SCS


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