Brad Update 5th Feb 2021


Hey there, I’m currently sitting in our new European HO in Amsterdam, we’re on the fringe of Amsterdam city (20 minutes into the heart of the city) in a place called Lijnden, we have a lovely view over a canal in a lovely industrial park.

I’m sitting here with Conner (my son) who joined the business a few months ago in the role of Global COO in Training, Adrian our Director of Operations looking after EU and UK (live by Aug this year), Rachael (Admin/CS Manager EU/UK), my beautiful long-suffering wife (who puts up with all of the entrepreneurial endeavors even in the middle of Global Pandemic) Michelle and our first Dutch employee Niels.

Our first air freight shipment for our first EU client arrived yesterday and our first containers arrive in 2-3 weeks. The EU facility is stunning, it’s been fully 5S’d and our dispatch PCs are going live Monday.

We arrived in Amsterdam in early Jan after a few months in our EPIC USA facility after a massive Xmas. USA is led by the amazing John who is our country Operations Manager supported by our first employee Miguel (shout out to Miguels 5 beautiful daughters) and we already have a FTE staff contingent of +20, with casuals we employed ~50 staff over Xmas and by the end of this year I expect that to double.

SCS NZ continues to go from strength to strength, the largest Direct To Consumer 3PL in NZ and 6th largest 3PL overall (soon to be 5th) we opened in CHH mid last year and at the end of last year we won and are really excited to welcome the iconic NZ brand Cookie Time into the family. Amazing company with very similar ethics.

Our new Tidal Rd 35M facility (The future of e-commerce!!) is on track to be live Aug this year still despite significant headwinds, Phil is doing an amazing job with our builder and property partner to keep this on track during challenging times.

Glass Elephant, our Digital Agency Offer is going bananas, in 18 months we have scaled from 3 to 85 staff and built so many 6 and 7 figure on-line brands in NZ in the last 18 months its hard to fathom, we have built 2 global 8 figure brands and are working on our first 2 9 figure brands this year.

The solution of a cutting edge Digital Agency offer bundled with a Tier one global 3PL platform is proving to be a winner.

Global e-commerce offers the promise of frictionless borders but in reality, there is significant friction still today with clearances, Duties and border and State/Province/City and Regional Tax complications, payment gateways Transfer pricing agreements etc… The model that works best is an in-country 3PL but there virtually no global 3PL’s that operate at our level – it’s a great time to be alive!

We are calling the combination of SCS(3PL) + GE(Digital Agency) = Magnitude. Keep an ear out for this brand name, you’ll hear more and more of it.

Augmenting our Digital Agency model we are attracting some very high-level Media and Digital staff keen to work at GE who are bringing global expertise. Notably, Matt who was recently promoted to CEO has insane experience as CCO at NZME, ran EMI in the UK and NZ, and has been recently been joined by Nick and Chelsea (my gorgeous daughter) who bring extensive Digital and Media experience across NZ, AU, UK and Asian markets supporting companies like Apple, BMW and Corona.

Simo, who I co-founded GE with only two years ago is deeply ensconced with the leading Digital Platforms in the world (Shopify and FaceBook etc…) at the highest levels living his best life in the live data stream of 9 and figure affiliates and the global thought leaders of this new age…its blardy exciting and everyone we speak to is stunned at our Magnitude offer – boom!

If you are a customer reading this thank you for your support, we love you and live to serve you.

If you an employee thank for your dedication, high work ethic and putting our customers in the center of all we do.

If you are a prospective customer in NZ get in quick, we are down to single figure thousands of spare spaces even with the new facility coming online in Aug, every 2-3 years we shut the doors for 12-18 months to consolidate and that will be coming up soon.

If you are a prospective customer for SCS Global, we only offer global 3PL to SCS + GE clients (Magnitude) and NZ SCS 3PL clients, demand is HOT we have blown USA capacity twice already and have no vacancy there atm, there is atm a small window of opportunity for 3pl only clients in EU to get into USA, the first 1000 pallets sold here will get the same deal as NZ SCS 3pl clients then it will be Magnitude only – so get in quick it will go in a matter of weeks.

We are trying to get Canada up and running shortly and we will be live in the UK in August, Japan is targeted to be live around Q3 this year. Next year we will be opening 3 additional territories.

With the demand for Magnitude so high, we will be publishing a list so clients can sign up to secure space as part of the global roll out so if you are interested let me know and I’ll introduce you to KJ you run’s our global sales team for Magnitude.

Warmest regards



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