The EXCUSE mind!


While studying about Growth and Wellness I came to the conclusion that the Excuse part of my mind is a great tool but also can be a hindrance to my personal growth in life.

There is a feeling that we all get that is called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and this feeling makes us all feel very uncomfortable especially if we set ourselves a task and do not get it done.

There are only 2 ways in which we can get rid of this feeling. We do what we need to do to get the task completed or we will make an EXCUSE.

Excusing ourselves for certain behaviour is just normal, its the tool we use to make ourselves feel better but when we use it like that we slow our personal growth down to the point of not growing at all.

Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way you choose to think about it, being and feeling uncomfortable is part and parcel of GROWTH and improving oneself. Its ok to sit in the comfort zone for periods of time but if I want growth and improvement in my life I need to get ready to be and feel uncomfortable and this is why.

My subconscious mind is one million times stronger than my conscious mind it is also my habit mind, my conscious mind is my creative mind.

My subconscious mind is also pre-programmed to follow the path of least resistance to conserve energy. So when my conscious mind decides to do something different than the norm my subconscious mind will throw some RESISTANCE at me to try and force me to follow the path of least resistance.

Having some tools and strategies to help me deal with these times is essential for my GROWTH. Understanding how my subconscious mind and conscious mind work helps me to align them so they work together for my benefit rather than fighting each other to make things harder than they already are.

So the EXCUSE mind is all about the subconscious mind wanting me to remain in my comfort zone so that I can conserve energy and also retain all the good habits I have practiced consciously and once they have been practiced enough they will be filed away in my subconscious mind as habits and something I do not have to think about much as all my actions after that will be automatic.

So the tool and strategy I use is to not allow myself to make an excuse. Sure enough sometimes things are out of my control and there may be a good reason as to why I have not been able to achieve the thing I wanted to and my CRITICAL THINKING will decide whether the excuse or reason is valid enough.

My awareness regarding the excuse part of my mind is helpful because I monitor and manage how I use it. I know for a fact that once I have formed an idea to do something creative or positive I have 5 seconds before the negative chatter in my mind tries to stop me with all the excuses under the sun why I should not do this thing, its just how the brain works.

So my point is, by monitoring and watching your own EXCUSE mind and how you use those excuses will give you an insight into how you can go about forming your own strategy regarding the excuse mind so you can add more GROWTH to your life.


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