Continuous Improvement at SCS


Whilst 2020 to date has been a challenging year for the Globe, we here at SCS continue with our Continuous Improvement (CI) Journey as SCS drive lean / six sigma methodologies.

A quick update on what we have been doing in this space.

Just a refresher for all…Lean Management seeks to reduce waste and thereby production cycle time, where as Six Sigma focuses on reducing variation among deliverable. We don’t know what we don’t know right now however we strive to continuously improve every single day.

Mid last year some of our staff attend training in Lean Six Sigma, we now have 4 Yellow belts in this methodology.

Check out this 2min vid we made to explain CI

We have a new member to our team which some of you may have already met, Brandon Bryant our Business Improvement Manager who heads up the CI portfolio.

The 5S+1 concept is driven from lean methodology which was implemented in our infancy stages of our CI journey, our business has grown significantly here in NZ with 4 facilities here in Auckland, 1 in Christchurch and another in UTAH USA. We have standardised and embed visual house keeping methods throughout the business globally promoting a clean, safe and structured workplace.

Empowered by Technology

Owning our Warehouse management system with the support of in house developers, allows for SCS to continuously drive progression and improvements within our WMS and applications. If you don’t already know we have in house Developers and Solutions Consultants that support the coding and programming of tailored solutions. We engage our experts who help define the needs of both customer and SCS to support expectations being met.

Continuing the concept of technology we endeavour to reduce lag time and promote transparency, with these two factors we utilize data and transparency to empower our wider business with business critical requirements. Late 2019 we utilized data inputs from customer services and channel this via a Client Relationship Management System (CRM) so that this data can be measured to add to customer and business value. From here we support two Portals that drive customer transparency and accessibility.

We have developed our own Portal that drives case management, reporting and warehousing / stock transparency, the second platform drives our Service Desk Portal that Supports KPI management and Customer Services access with a ticketing solution that drives workload management and automated workflow rules. Keep an eye on this space as we aim to consolidate these all into 1 in house solution so our customers are not managing more than 1 application.

From these Portals we promote live transparency across the business, departments and customer levels which are essential for planning and resource allocations particularly in a 3PL environment.

To promote internal access to these platforms we push data to wider business dashboards which we can tailor to specific requirements and help support our staff with direct access to key information and visual aids.

“Currently under construction so watch this space”

Quick Pick Solution

In traditional order picking applications, operators constantly return to the compartment to move the truck forward, with Quick Pick Remote, operators maintain a smooth workflow pattern, focusing less on positioning the truck and more on the task of picking.

Automated Invoicing

With the use of data captured within our systems we aspire to produce automated invoicing that drives off system driven analytics producing faster turn around of billing requirements.




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