Here at Supply Chain Solutions we run a Wellness Program for our staff and this article highlights some of the content we share with them.

Our Microbiome consists of all the microbes that live in and on us which includes all bacteria both good and bad. Within each of our stomachs we have the ability to make good bacteria that will fight the bad bacteria that can make us sick and unwell or create long term diseases within our bodies.

Previously, the belief was that our brain controls all of our wellness and well being but the modern research points to our stomach or gut and its Microbiome being the main thing that controls this part of us. The signals that are sent to our brain from this part of us can influence what our brain then does.

So our gut health and the state of our Microbiome can dictate how we feel and act and whether we get sick or not.

Probiotics is the word used for describing all the good bacteria in our gut, but for the probiotics to be healthy they need prebiotics to feed on so they can survive and multiply – Prebiotics include any wholefood that has fibre in it.

So whatever we are eating dictates the state of our gut health and its ability to create the good bacteria called Probiotics. The key point being, to create the environment within ones gut that allows this to happen.


When we have good gut health the probiotics help to break down all of the nutritious food we eat, which then allows our bodies to get the full benefit of all that nutrition and goodness. If our gut is lacking these probiotics, we will not get as much benefit from that healthy food.

Another thing that can happen is that, if we starve ourselves of fibrous food / prebiotics our probiotics will start to starve and they can start eating the mucus lining of our gut which will become problematic to our health and well being because now all the bad bacteria have nothing to fight them. And the good bacteria has gone rogue by attacking our stomach lining which protects our stomach.

So the key to great gut health is to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis and to add fermented foods like Saurkraut, Kimchi, Miso, Kefir to our diet as these are all excellent foods for our probiotics to feed on and multiply.

There are several reasons why we should take good care of our Gut health. The probiotic bacteria/good bacteria keeps the bad bacteria in check, the more probiotic bacteria the less room there is for the bad bacteria.

Good gut health has a positive affect on emotions and mental health. Energy levels are also much better due to whole foods taking less energy to digest than processed food. So the more whole foods we eat the more energy we will have. Our immunity system is also improved and this helps us to fight any diseases and sicknesses.

Taking good care of ones Gut health is the foundation of a healthy life and general Well Being. The state of ones Microbiome can certainly dictate how one feels and behaves.

When I eat I ask myself this question – Is what I am eating nutritious and am I eating it to give my body health or am I eating for some other reason?

My Microbiome will thank me for eating nutritious health giving food.

Activating the knowledge you learn is a conscious decision, I personally encourage you to spend an hour each day focused on your own personal Wellness and Well-being.

Health is often about long term outcomes created by short term decisions and choices. The fact is when you are healthier, you improve in making better choices and decisions for your life.

Graeme Noone

Training and Development Facilitator


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