Creating Millionaires


In 2019 SCS has been responsible for creating a few new millionaires, we have leveraged our industry-leading 3PL capability with our Digital customer Aquisition capability and delivering insane results…

Earlier this year SCS launched a Digital Agency offering called Glass Elephant, SCS has a significant Direct To Consumer 3PL business (largest in NZ now) and we are always on the lookout to enhance our offering, through our research it became apparent there was a good opportunity to help our B2C customers use modern methodologies to vastly increase the success of their online channels…as we started to understand the mechanics behind what it takes to scale brands rapidly on-line it became apparent that most of our clients lacked the knowledge and most of the digital agencies they employed were pretty basic, so we reckoned if we married our insane supply chain capability to a modern, technology-driven advertising offer that is typically a bit “fluffy” we might be on to a winner…well we are, the results we are producing are insane.

5 weeks ago we launched an NZ brand in the USA, we built the website, developed the ad campaigns, created the (stunning) content (we acquired a content agency recently as well to augment our offer) and we manage all of the media buying, strategy and optimisation on FaceBook and Instagram, the current run rate is an 8 figure business it is arguably the best eCommerce story in the world right now. We’re very proud to have cracked how to scale a small NZ massively in the USA. We love supporting NZ Inc!

Back in NZ we have been achieving equally remarkable results doubling and trebling established brands in a matter of months. We have also taken a number of start-ups in NZ from 0-6 figure businesses in just a few months. Our digital agency business is growing rapidly, from 3 staff in Feb we now have 32 staff in December and are turning away business as we focus on the systems and people capability to ensure our ability to scale does not affect our clients (lessons we have learn from rapidly scaling NZ’s best 3PL!).

So if you are looking for the most advanced Digital Customer Aquisition strategy probably in the world right now – drop me a line (although we can’t take any new clients until Mar next year).

Brad +64 27 2565610



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