Decide, Commit, Succeed!


When Brad and I started creating the Determined Ways wellness program for our SCS staff we had no idea how things would turn out.

Our dream was and still is, to supply as much information as is possible regarding Wellness, Well Being and Mental Health. So that anyone who is struggling or finding daily life difficult has some knowledge they can use to find those vital and essential tools that each individual has within themselves that are unique to them alone and learn how to use them to improve the outcome of their lives.

Personally we know that knowledge by itself is just that, knowledge, and does not in itself improve or make anything better in ones life.

Individual effort is the most important ingredient to the success of change for the better.

We would like to share with you some of the success stories that have occurred within our SCS Determined Ways Wellness program. These individuals retained the information we gave them and put alot of valuable effort into implementing the change for the better that occurred for them.

Change is never easy but when one has the knowledge and the will to succeed, some effective strategies and workable tools to help implement that change, anything is possible. The world is your oyster as the saying goes. 

Recently we created a survey to get some feedback about the Determined Ways program and one of the questions we asked was “Has the Wellness program helped you in any way?” Below are some of the comments made by SCS staff –

“It has got me thinking about the techniques I can use to help me control and understand my life”.

“It has improved my way of thinking”.

“It has created a balanced life for me between work and family. Regular coaching has helped me overcome many of my family issues, especially dealing with my teenage son”.

“Reinforced what I already knew, lent some validation to it”.

“Understanding you have full control over your emotions has helped in making me stop and gaining full control over my decisions before making any choices”.

“Yes it did, I am more motivated and concentrated towards my tasks”.

“Yes it has. Learnt how to cope with stress and short temper and knowing how the brain works and what it all means, is amazing!”

“Yes it helps me to stay grounded and also helps me with strategies and tools that help me to process my emotions quicker. Helps me with my thought processes”.

“Yes it showed and taught me mental strength that I didn’t realize I had and it helps in my everyday tasks”.

“Yes one of the sessions helped remind me not to let others or the acts of others towards you, dictate how you’re going to feel. You can choose how you are going to react or feel about a situation”.

“Yes wellness has helped me in many different ways. I have learned to think before I acted not just act and think later i just like to say a big thank you”.

“Yes, I’ve used some of the strategies to help with my anxiety”.

“Yes certainly, it helped me to be more considerate of how my team members brains are wired and gave me understanding to know that everyone cannot be expected to do the thing you want simply because of the burnt pathway”.

“Definitely, before the Wellness program I was a lost soul, dealing with a lot of personal issues and problems. Wellness taught me how to manage my problems and issues. I was always getting angry and doing stupid things to retaliate and Wellness has taught me how to stay calm and peaceful. Words cannot express how grateful I am”.

“It was an eye opener. I am more aware of my attitude towards change and behaviour”.

“It gave me an ability to manage stress and come up with a change plan”.

So as a Trainer and partner in developing the Wellness program it gives me great personal satisfaction to see staff not only embracing the knowledge we provided but making it work in their own lives and then sharing that success with their family and friends.

Sometimes all we ever need is a little helping hand, a hug from a friend, or a kind word from a stranger.

Sometimes just being grateful for the small things creates something much bigger than one can imagine.

Do something today you’ve never done before and you never know it may just change your life. 


Graeme Noone – Trainer and Development Facilitator 


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