The Picture we Paint, The Impression we Leave!


Does life just happen to us? Or is it our responsibility to create the outcome of it.

 If your life is at first a blank canvas and it is up to you what you paint on it, what does your picture look like?

 When you go about your life painting your picture what impression do you leave behind for others to experience?

One of the DETERMINED WAYS SCS Wellness Program sessions includes these questions and the purpose is to get the students to think about the things in life that they do that paints their very own picture of life.

The purpose being to underline the value of having a vision for ones life. As to paint a picture ones imagination must be engaged so the picture one wants to paint is envisaged first in ones mind.

Having a vision of how one sees themselves in the future is a very important aspect of our SCS Wellness Program. How we see ourselves and the future we want to create and setting goals that plan for that future are vital in allowing that future to unfold.

That is not to say that by doing this that somehow the eventual outcome will be exactly as we planned it as even the best made plans can end up with a hurdle or two or maybe even a brick wall but that is ok because if that happens the value of having a contingency plan set in place will come to the fore.

Always remember that a picture can be changed, things erased and improved on can enhance that picture and that change is something to be embraced and accepted as being part of the process.

We actually think in pictures. When someone talks to us we dont think in words we visualise what they are saying to us, we form a picture in our minds eye. We can see our past and all those past experiences we have had are filed away in our memory banks, ready to look at and envisage like a movie playing out on a screen in a theatre. The past is easy to envisage because it has already happened but how about spending some time visualising the future and how you want it to turn out.

How do you see yourself in ten or twenty years time? Are you fit and healthy, happy and enjoying that life or picture you have created for yourself? How does your life in the future look materially? How does your work life look, have you had that promotion, have you bought that mansion you dream about? And on and on it goes, the picture of life you create for yourself.

So I posit, paint yourself any picture you want and become part of it and if you do not like the picture you envisage at the moment then paint over it and change the picture.

Then there is the impression one leaves as they go about their daily lives being whoever they propose to be. Within the Wellness Program one of the backbones of the program is the action of Integrity, which is also the catch phrase of our SCS business. We will always do what we say we are going to do and if we feel we are unable to provide what we promised we will communicate the inability beforehand so we can formulate a plan B or C.

Trust being the operative word in this equation. If I as a person can always be relied upon to do what I say and if in the event I can not deliver then to communicate this then it helps to build stronger and more trust worthy relationships. Honesty also plays a part in this equation.

So if I DO these things what impression does that leave upon the people I encounter, if our SCS business does these things what impression does that leave upon our customers?


Integrity and make an impression, can you see the picture!



Graeme Noone SCS Trainer and Development Facilitator


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