Is Wellness about Balance?


Within the teachings of our Wellness program Determined Ways we teach about the value of finding a balance. In my opinion if we are balanced in all areas of our lives it becomes a helpful tool to measure where we are at in our pursuit of Wellness.

After all isn’t life often about feeling good. We all want to feel good, though at times it can seem that we are not feeling that great due to external situations or events that we have no control over and these situations and events are creating feelings and emotions that seem to be all in the negative in the big picture of things.

If we think about this picture in the sense of balance what does it mean. I often use the analogy of a battery, a battery only works efficiently and is able to produce its optimum power when it is fully charged with both negative and positive energy.

I ask myself this question, ” Is the negative energy within a battery a bad thing? ” The answer is, no it is not it is a required element for the battery to work efficiently. So are the so called negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, frustration, etc a bad thing? Personally I do not see them as negative, I see them as sign posts that something is up with me internally and I need to do some processing, using the strategies I have taught myself, to deal with them or they may turn into a bad thing. Positive emotions make me feel good, so called negative emotions show me what to work on within myself so that I can remain in a balanced state, both emotionally and mentally and both of these things can and do affect me physically.

The ancient Chinese often talk about our core centre or stomach area as being vital to our Wellness and well being and even refer to our intestines being woven in coils much like an electrical coil that produces electricity. So in that respect our central core or stomach area is where we produce all the energy we will need on an everyday basis.

From my own personal view that is also where I feel all the feelings and emotions that I create on a daily basis as well. So in my way of thinking it makes sense to have a fully charged battery with enough energy for me to use for everything I would like to achieve in a day. So this thinking also allows the room for so called negative energy as well as long as it is all in balance.

Positive and negative working in balance to create the most powerful being I can be. And also understanding that the energy created is finite and at some stage must be replenished again, and to understand how this process works by knowing oneself or being self aware and being able to bring oneself into a position of balance whenever this is required to create the optimum performance on a daily basis.

There is a place for all of our emotions and feelings I personally never see them as negative, only a sign that I need to do some work on myself or my energy levels will soon be on a fastly increasing downwards spiral. An analogy being when I was suffering from depression all I wanted to do was stay in bed all day. The reality being I was just severely out of balance. So my energy levels were at that imbalance.

Often our balance can be out of kilter because of nutritional needs or our brain isn’t producing enough of our feel good chemicals Dopamine, Oxytocin,
Serotonin and Endorphins or too much of our stress hormone Cortisol. Each of these things has a job to do but needs to be balanced for us to be at our optimum within the realms of performing at our best to achieve the greatest rewards out of our life.

So yes in answer to the title of this story, in my opinion it is vital to our Wellness to enjoy a balanced lifestyle in all areas of our life, mental, physical and emotional.

Determined Ways features teaching on all of these areas to help people find their own balance, the program provides all of the information on how to do this. All that is left for the students to do is to choose to put some effort and action in and practice the doing of it for a decent period of time and I guarantee it will be life changing. I know because it has helped to change my life into a more managed and balanced way of life.

The people that are engaging in the teachings of Determined Ways are giving us good feedback on how their lives are changing as they put the effort in and do the do. I personally have found that teaching it is reinforcing my own Wellness and I now look at teaching as the gift that just keeps on giving as I get great satisfaction and enjoyment from watching others find a more balanced way of living that increases their own enjoyment of their own life.

Thankyou for taking the time to read what I have written and may you have a very Merry Xmas and an awesome New Year.

Graeme Noone – Wellness Trainer at SCS



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