Training and Productivity


Hi my name is Graeme

I have recently been employed by SCS to manage the Training and Productivity sector of our business. I will also be managing the Human Resources sector as part of this process.

It is estimated that businesses collectively lose millions of dollars each year due to something completely avoidable, employees not understanding their roles or not fully understanding the processes put in place for them to follow. SCS itself because of its very nature is very complex and needs these processes that have been put in place to be followed and adhered to.

So to make sure this happens SCS is dedicated to investing in an innovative and comprehensive Training School to make sure all of our employees, leaders and supervisors have the opportunity to learn all of the concepts needed to be at their ultimate best at everything they do within the business. We not only want to train them in the skills needed for our business but to also offer training in general life skills by implementing a wellness program.  Touching on things like motivation, effective communication, self worth, forming and making right choices, integrity and happiness just to name a few.

I believe that creating a training system that delves into all aspects of life helps to make life not only at work a better place but also for life in general. Never before have we as a human race had the opportunity and the access to the types of information and tools to increase learning than what we do now. So to use these tools and information to better ourselves at whatever we do and want to achieve is the opportunity of a lifetime. SCS as a business is committed to improving not only the business but helping to improve the lives and work ethics of those who work at SCS.

I personally am excited to be part of the Training school and the HR committee, as it gives me a great feeling of purpose to help improve the aspects of work and life in general here at SCS. Happy people create a happy work environment which creates better productivity which creates happier and more satisfied customers and that is what we aim to achieve.

In any business, mistakes happen, but if we as a business can do everything within our power to try and lessen these mistakes to the tiniest degree then it makes for a better and more satisfying experience for all concerned, from the customer right down to the worker who sweeps the floor. I believe that by implementing our innovative ideas within training, productivity and human resources we will succeed in driving productivity to a much higher level than it already is.

It is a proven fact that by investing time and money into the training of employees that it adds value and cohesion to any business. Most employees have some weaknesses within their work skills. A training program allows them to strengthen and improve these skills. A wellness program helps to improve their general well being and motivation to succeed in life. That is not to say that everybody needs this but those that do can be catered for if we offer that opportunity for them to improve if they wish to. Ultimately the progress they make is their choice and my job as I see it is to offer them those choices.

Here at SCS our aim is to become a leader in this field of training, wellness and productivity by implementing innovative ideas and a training system that involves layers of depth coupled with ongoing support and encouragement to give our employees the best possible chance at improving themselves.

So I will be keeping you all informed on our progress within the Training School and some of the experiences we may encounter along the way.




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