This year SCS is releasing the most advanced customer communication platform in our industry, to our customers.


Excellent communication has always been a key differentiator for SCS and a key reason we continue to get referrals. Well we’re taking it to even an even higher level!

We’ve designed and built the most advanced communication platform in our industry which we will be rolling out to our customers this year.

Check our intro video which explains some of the key benefits of this new platform.

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PaT is a powerful ecosystem SCS has built for managing People and Tasks. Still in soft launch phase we are commercialising the product and have over 1000 external users on the system already¬† including divisions of the Ports of Auckland, Go Rentals, Hydroflow and a growing number of SCS clients including Billabong, Smith and Caugheys etc…. Here’s an up to date brochure explaining features and pricing FYI, if you think PaT could benefit your business drop me a line (SCS customers receive significant discounts).

PaT brochure




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