Hi there, I’ve been meaning to introduce Jo for a while, Jo joined SCS on a permanent casual (1 + weeks/month) basis a few months ago. I’ve worked with Jo for must be coming on 7 years now. I met Jo when she was the consultant for the business that vendored MYOB EXO to SCS (EXO is a mid tier ERP we adopted, then later sold and supported a few years back). What impressed me about Jo was that she is a Chartered Accountant, an amazing trainer with excellent IT capability. When Jo decided to go freelancing a few months back SCS quickly secured a week per month minimum of her time for internal and external work, outside of this Jo has her own business and SME clients…recently I asked Jo to write me something I could put on our blog to introduce her to the wider SCS community as I’m very proud to have her part of our team, her quality of work is top notch and one of my clients may be interested to leverage her skills so here is Jo’s first blog!

My software and business expertise has been built over many years of hands-on experience with a range of different software packages, in a variety of industries.

I have seen the positive results of choosing the right software and have been instrumental in aiding both existing as well as start-up businesses.

I come across many businesses that have either chosen the incorrect software or are simply paying too much for what they have. They usually then remain with the software because they are afraid to make another incorrect choice.

There are four distinct phases for commissioning new business software. Selection, Planning, Implementation and On-going Support. These are further divided into subsections, each one with its own challenges and solutions. 

The solution is to employ someone who understands the business, the software and the staff who will operate the software. Getting full knowledge of all the phases in the early planning stages, even well before the software is even chosen, allows potential issues to be identified and avoids down-time, frustration and unplanned costs during the critical implementation process. 

Since I understand both your software and your business it is a logical step for me to offer my bookkeeping services. 

Whether you need support or assistance on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis we provide bookkeeping for Xero, MYOB and MYOB Exo.

My services include checking the right information is transferring from your core module to your accounting software. We also analyse your accounts to ensure accuracy for monthly management reporting. 

Your accounts will be balanced and reconciled and monthly accounts reporting includes a Profit&Loss report and Balance sheet as well as other more detailed reports as required.

Our reporting allows you to make sound management decisions based on the financials of your business. We analyse these reports in conjunction with you or your management team.

GST Returns – I provide GST reporting and can assist with filing your GST on time.

Year End Assistance – I provide an up-to-date, timely and perfect set of year end accounts to your accountant.

So if this is of interest and you want to know more drop me a line or visit Jo website 


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