10/4 service order before 10am deliver before 4pm, order before 4pm deliver before 10am


Hi there, we’re developing a 10/4 service at the request of some customers. The idea is a very reliable (e.g. >95%) service if your customer orders before 10am we will deliver before 4pm. If they order before 4pm we will deliver before 10am.

This is initially only for B2B customers (not residential addresses)

The initial service will operate on the following basis:

  • Run 1
    • Leave SCS at 630am
    • Return by 11am
  • Run 2
    • Leave SCS at 1130am
    • Return by 5pm

Then we will keep refining. For AKL only at this stage.

The costs initially are expected to be c. 8.00 per large carton. Its a bit of stab in the dark what this will actually end up at once the business model matures (maybe as low as 5.00?). One of our new customers launched this in AU recently and has enjoyed huge success.

If you’re interested in trialing this with me please drop me a line brad@supplycs.com. could be a huge competitive advantage for you.




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