We liked our WMS so much we bought it!


We love Colosys, we transact 25 million units a year, that’s one million orders that supports circa 3/4 billion of annual trade in NZ and it never misses a beat.

In the last couple of years we have on-sold and supported this wonderful product to companies like Brother, Lupton Carriers and DTM Wheel and Tyres.

An opportunity popped up to purchase the software late last year so we grabbed it and now we are masters of our destiny within the WSM space. This expands our IT offering as a Supply Chain partner to cover…

So if you need help improving and optimising your warehouse and 3PL does not make sense then make sure you call us first! we’ve got one of the best solutions around.

sales@ supplycs.com

or phone us on + 64 9 256 1232 and ask about our IT services.



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