Customer Services Team Update


Hi All

While SCS continues to grow, we also need to grow our support function so having an amazing Customer Service Team that is totally Customer Centric is essential to the future of the business and how we need to serve you, our clients.

In order for this to happen we have  made some role changes, so Kim Manning will now be Client Relationship Manager, Kim’s remit is working with all of you our important clients to ensure we are not only meeting but exceeding your expectations.

Kim will work closely with our Account Managers to ensure we are executing your requirements through the business.  So you will see a whole lot more of Kim in the coming weeks and months if you have not done so already.

Janine Dickey has joined us back in June as our Customer Service Manager and her focus is totally on the people, her remit is to support the Account Managers and their teams to learn, grow and execute the company vision in line with the Lean Culture we have adopted.

Sara Gibson is key in our CS Team and continues to support Kim on the running and support of the clients, particularly in regards to client move ins, or changes in any processes for the clients, she will work with the wider team to implement the changes through the business.

Currently our team is spread over four sites which has its benefits and it challenges, but we have decided it is now time to bring our customer service team together in one site, which is really exciting not only for the team but for the business.

So all going according to plan we  will be moving all the Customer Service Team to a Shared Service Centre at 3 Timberly end of November.

This space is going to be perfect for our team to come together, work on company initiatives, client projects and to get that healthy one team competition going.

What this means  is collectively the team can come together to focus on the Lean Culture that we are rolling out, it means we can have our talent pool all in one space to share ideas and lever off each other with the support of Janine and the guidance of Kim.

I am sure you will agree, this is really exciting times not only for the team here at SCS but the new energy will be passed on to you too!

So I would like to introduce you to our multi cultural, multi talented team of 24

South                 Sara-Ann, Jenny, Brooke,  Neva

North                 Dawn, Manawa, Jacqueline, Adelaide,

East                    Janette, Melinda, Tevita,  Shaheen

West                   Andrea, Heather, Megan, Stacie,

VNA                    Kataraina, Jessica R, Lania

4PL                     Simon, Mavis, Sara, Sally, Allison

Check out the updated team photos on our website which will be updated this week.

So  needless to say,  if your out this way, feel free to stop in and say “Hi” , and have a catch up with the team in one of the comfy break out areas.





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