All of our freight partners are indicating to us that as a result of the SI earthquake and the ongoing aftershocks that freight networks are under review. This is a result of building, ports and road inspections needing to be undertaken by engineers. The feedback we have at this time unfortunately is minimal, there is no firm understanding of the impact and delay to services.  I apologize for this and the frustration that this is causing (your frustration is mirrored here) but at this stage it is a waiting game.

Please note that we have made the call to stop processing bulk freight orders to the South Island as carriers are not collecting until they have certainty as to the network. If there is any critical freight please ensure you inform us and we can look at alternate options. At this stage we are looking to source seafreight as a backup option if the normal network does not come back online.

We also suggest that you are communicating to your customer base as there maybe significant delays.

Regarding historical shipments, due to the sheer volume we do not have the resource to track each and every consignment that departed last week, if you have any concerns please let us know and we can investigate for you.


Phil Walsh



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