SCS to become a certified CIN7 partner


cin7-logo-120Finally a brilliant inventory software solution for SME!

For years we have been lamenting the lack of a brilliant inventory management solution for our SME customers. As some of you will know we have supported the Quickbooks and Exonet accounting solutions for a number of our customers in our 4PL division for a few years. That said it has always been frustrating to deal with Quickbooks lack of robust EDI, PO shipment level info and landed cost allocations etc..Exo is ok but big and wieldy, expensive and whilst we have bent it to our will many times the lack of investment in the product is disappointing.

So imagine our delight when we discovered CIN7, it’s a bonus that it is a NZ grown product that is following in Xeros path and blazing a trail globally, what blew us away is that it is actually really good. It has fantastic EDI (Including full integration with SCS and a number of connectors to many NZ and AU retailers), built in B2B portal capability, multi level pricing complexity, shipment level POs, even low level MRP, whats more it manages complex apparel style, colour size matrices and has a fully embedded POS system!

So for many of our customers that are developing omni channel capability the product is brilliant. It will leapfrog their IT capability.

Is it everything to all people?  no. It has some flexibility to configure different capabilities within the software  but it is not like an N2, EXO, NetSuite or other traditional 2nd tier ERPs where you can pay oodles to get bespoke modifications and it’s unashamedly not designed for that, its built for SME up to say 15M t/o and when you’re ready to make that next leap and can invest 50k – 250k for a low end 2nd tier ERP or 250k-2m for a high end 2nd tier ERP then you wont quibble about dropping tens of thousands on bespoke mods for your business application software but for small growing SME, CIN7 is a beautiful solution that does  a lot, more than anything we have ever seen in this part of the market. We’re so excited we’re aiming to become a certified CIN7 partner by December.

We already have 3 CIN7 sites we’re building so if you want to know drop us a line, we have preferential pricing, to find out more about the product check out their website





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