Cross Dock solution reduces SCS clients cost even further.


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Hi All,

We are well and truly into our seasonal mode at SCS, product volumes have increased and it is all hands to the pumps! It is amazing to think that Christmas is just around the corner, if you wanted to know how close it is check it out …

I also wanted to share with you some feedback we recently got from Linen House – they supply the big retailers with amazing Manchester products (which while talking about Xmas would make a great stocking filler J Below is the feedback from Craig (Sales and Finance Manager)

About 12 months ago, we approached SCS with a vision to try and do things “smarter” (i.e. cheaper and quicker). One of the solutions that was put forward by SCS was Cross Dock which we had heard of before, but weren’t really sure how this could be applied to our type of business. Our business isn’t your typical Cross Dock candidate, however the team at SCS believed that if we could get our suppliers and customers on board, SCS would be up to the challenge.

 We sat down with SCS to discuss how Cross Dock would work for Linen House over a number of meetings to ensure we sorted out any pitfalls at the start of the project. During our discussions, it became apparent that there were a number of complexities specific to our business which would require SCS to tailor their systems to meet our requirements. However, through a collaborative approach between the two companies, we put in place systems to manage this. SCS helped us to integrate the majority of the data that was required by both parties into our existing software package, which ensured that the Cross Dock aspect of our business was very user-friendly and familiar to our staff from the get-go.

 We have now been using the Cross Dock system for almost a year and it certainly has saved us money. Instead of being charged for units, packs, lines, orders etc. as we do for our standard orders, we only get charged per order and per Cross Dock carton, regardless of the number of units or lines we have in a single carton. We haven’t come across another 3PL provider who has the right mix of expertise within the business to put such a transformative project into place.

Let us know if you’d like to discuss this or any other solutions for your business.


Philip Walsh



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