4 key reasons why a SCM solution is better than a 3PL solution.


The value proposition of an SCM is significantly better than a standard 3pl for many reasons,  here are 4:

  • hole_hand_number_four_400_clr_5991Lower total cost of ownership. 
    Using SCORaES ™ we frequently prove that a total end-to-end approach to your supply chain that concurrently considers both the physical logistics and digital IT elements always delivers a lower total cost of ownership. This is a serious claim which we back up with a Guarantee or your money back – if you’d like a SCORaES ™ on your supply chain drop Apples a line (Mike runs our PS division) mike.appleton@supplycs.com.
  • Unified platform.
    A SCM provider like SCS unifies your supply chain, we are experts at bringing together normally disparate logistics and IT elements and developing single solutions that provide one point of contact, one invoice and one point of accountability. Unified solutions scale better, cost less to run in the long run and free you up to focus on your core business.
  • Competitive advantages. 
    When you engage a SCM company you are employing a partner not a supplier, our relationships are based on a high level of trust, we work closely with your P&L and understand your margins, we help you develop supply chain strategies. As an SCM we have developed 90 minutes delivery options, cross dock solutions, drop ship solutions, web portal and tracking solutions, reverse logistics solutions, b2c fulfillment models and EDI solutions that have enabled our customers to separate their offering from their competitors.
  • Future proof.
    Your business is making promises i.e. buying and selling great products, managing customer and supplier relationships and setting expectations they can bank on, our business is  delivering on those promises i.e. KPIs, service deliverables and IT solutions. To stay at the top of your game you are constantly looking forward to understand future trends and looking after your customers. To stay on top of our game we are constantly looking at the market to understand logistics trends and technology enablers to help our customers so that when you are ready for the next step (click and collect, drop ship, reverse logistics, 90 minute delivery service, cross dock, develop b2c capability , erp upgrade, edi interface with suppliers, omni-channel strategies, sell into the US, develop manufacturing capability, expand into retail, turn your retailers into brand ambassadors, evening delivery services, sales force automation, sell into the UK, in-source your warehouse, complex pick profiles, outsource your warehouse, scan pack locally, scan pack in China, sell into Australia etc…) we have already researched the solution, this is our space, we understand the pitfalls and we are already prepared to help you get you there.

Most of our 3PL customers come from traditional 3PL providers (who are usually medium to large sized International and/or Domestic freight companies) that they have outgrown. A common story is that their business has grown in complexity and scale that has challenged the incumbent provider whose main focus is really filling trucks and/or supporting their International network. Conversely, SCS has NEVER lost a client for this reason, in fact the reverse is true – our ability to keep up to date and ahead of our competitors so our customer can keep ahead of theirs is legend and the key reason SCS has grown exclusively through customer referrals (we dont have a sales team) to the largest pureplay 3PL in NZ managing 34,000 pallets.


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