SCS’s new full scale SCM (Supply Chain Management) model delivers greater value than traditional Freight, 3pl and IT solutions for SME.


In September 2016 SCS became the first fully fledged SCM (Supply Chain Management) company in NZ. This means we offer our customers more, now and in the future, compared to traditional logistics providers.

Through our Professional services division SCS now offers solutions that support a full end-to-end suite of logistics services (International Air/Sea, Domestic Bulk/Parcel, 3PL and 4PL) and a full stack of IT solutions (Accounting/ERP, WMS, POS, MRP, EDI, WEB etc..).

So whilst you can still use us for just your 3PL you can now “plug-in” associated supply chain services when it suits your business. This includes everything from International Freight and Call Center capability to the “Full Monty” including Banking, GST returns, Web site integrations, Debtors Management and even a complete 2nd or 3rd tier ERP solution. We have 220 FTE over a range of specialist divisions that manage each function for you.

Whilst our core business remains that of a quality 3PL provider, around this central position in the supply chain we now offer every other related supply chain service. In effect we are now a complete, end to end, one stop shop where customers can truly “do what they do best and outsource the rest”, we are the first of our kind in NZ and this is a goal we have been working towards for over 10 years after listening to our customers, seeing what they wanted and noting how technology was changing the world of logistics here and overseas.

The SCM model provides scalability, flexibility and is soft on the wallet, one of our clients, grew from 1.5m to 30m in less than 4 years using this model, as they grew big enough and could afford to or felt it made strategic sense they gradually took, what became some core Admin and CS functions back in-house (some they even out-sourced back to us later as their business model changed and evolved). The ability to leverage our cashflow,  expertise and the flexibility of a transactional pricing model during this growth phase allowed them to focus almost exclusively on their core business (sales and marketing) and is attributed as a key factor to their success. An NZXE listed SCS customer recently used us to manage a multimillion dollar ERP selection, it’s estimated our expertise was able to save them 400k on this one project, we have a similar project for a small customer on a much smaller scale that will save him around 5k and world of pain. As an SCM partner to a retail customer with 2 stores we were able to identify and guarantee over 100k of annual savings by changing key physical elements of their Procure to Pay process.

The results this business model offers against traditional supply chain models where customers “stitch” together multiple logistics and IT providers themselves, are impressive. We have case studies over the last three years where we have been quietly building this capability that are delivering enormous savings and new competitive advantages which is not surprising when you think about it because it is literally 1980’s “Frankenstein” logistics thinking vs a modern, unified supply chain platform and you can look at every other trend in any industry it’s the future; mobile phones are now unified with cameras, GPS technology etc, Gyms who unify their approach with nutrition deliver superior results, better cars unify phone technology, with braking technology with anti collision technology and soon self driving technology that continues to reduce accidents and harm.

Now you don’t have to use a supply chain specialist like us, it’s often the kiwi way to do-it-yourself, in the same vein you don’t have to go to a dentist for a root canal, you could do-it-yourself if you really wanted to but the evidence that supports using a  qualified Supply Chain professional like SCS is overwhelming positive in terms of optimising your time, reducing costs overall (and reducing pain) and there is not a lot of dominant market players using number 8 wire, that’s fine (and often necessary) when you get started but eventually it’s time to evolve to the next level and that’s where we step in. This sc-evolution  brochure (it appears quite large so you’ll need to zoom out) shows how and why SCMs are rising in dominance in the logistics world and how different traditional 3PLs fit in the bigger scheme of things both now and in the future.

Physical and digital solutions.

As an SCM we can now offer you solutions that cover every PHYSICAL logistical element/requirement of your supply chain.

And every DIGITAL element/requirement of your supply chain.


The two key benefits of a single SCM partner versus customers trying to “stitch” together and maintain fractured supply chains themsleves with an International Freight provider over here, a 3PL provider over there, domestic freight providers, accounting solutions providers, debtor management providers etc… is that that you get one point of accountability and a lower total cost of ownership. Most people understand that the more friction you remove from your supply chain the more efficient, scalable and cost effective it becomes.

Because this [supply chain] is all we do, we do it better for less than people managing in-house logistics who are trying to be all things to all people, we also make it easier for you, we distill all of the complexity into simple KPI schedules (kpi schedule example) that perform at levels most people can’t dream of i.e. between 99.7 and 100%, this simple transparency and methodology to manage us makes life easy for you so you can focus on what you’re really good at, importing/distribution, b2b/c and/or retail.

The secret to be an effective SCM is that you must have proven consulting capability, a Professional Services division that knows the intimate elements of your supply chain better than you and knows what the current and future global trends are, they need to be able to consult to companies on every aspect of their supply chain including things like Demand Planning, Funding Options, Cost to Serve  modelling, Digital Strategy etc…these are not things you would naturally associate with a 3PL or a freight provider but it is exactly these kinda things that allows SCS to build and deliver unified solutions that deliver more for less and perform better than traditional Frankenstein supply chain models that are “stitched” together.

Roadmap – the first step is SCORaES ™

How we engage with a customer as an SCM is markedly different to that of a 3pl, Freight or IT provider. Because the relationship is partnership based not customer/supplier based there is a lot more trust involved with an SCM. SCS own the IP and Trademark to an exciting discovery and optimisation process called SCORaES ™ SCORaES brochure. This is a strategic Professional Service we offer to conduct in-depth discovery and analysis of your existing supply chain, we then overlay our supply chain expertise to identify gaps and propose strategies which we can then support with guarantees. It’s changing the way people manage their logistics and IT platforms and a key reason why increasing numbers of well (and not so well) known brands and companies continue to move over from traditional Frankenstein supply chains to a unified SCS designed SCORaES ™ supply chain solution. We have a growing number of case studies we can share with you that prove our solutions are typically between 10% and 30% less expensive and/or generate profit in new areas, compared to traditional “Frankenstein” models

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So if you are looking for a Supply Chain partner that can deliver your business more, look no further, we have the IT capability and the Consulting capability to help you drive your business to the next level, we are the largest pureplay 3PL in NZ and the only full end-to-end supply chain solutions provider in the country, SCS is the only full scale SCM in NZ and as such we can offer you a lower total cost of ownership than other offerings in the market, we can guarantee it and prove it to you so what are you waiting for?  Drop me a line to find out why, how, what, where and when and then we’ll fix all your supply chain problems and get you sorted with the best solution for your business whether your turnover is 50k or 50m.





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