Nepalese Fundraiser Update


Firstly I would like to thank each and every person that generously offered product for auction, work hours, holiday pay, donations from SCS, Beverage Works and our company Directors.

The grand total we raised was just under $8000 and we couldn’t of done it without your help.

We had Red Cross come in and pick up our cheque from us and they took the opportunity to present us with a Certificate of Appreciation which is proudly hung in our reception area.

Our organisation has also been asked to a lunchtime presentation as a thank you where there will be presentations by Red Cross international workers who will highlight the work they conducted after Cycle Pam in the Pacific and the Nepalese earthquake.  They will provide a unique opportunity to learn about how our support has helped the work Red Cross has done to date, and what is still planned as a result of these disastrous events.

Thanks again for being a part of such a great cause.


Kath Perry

red cross



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