4PL Outbound Manager


Hi All,

We have created a new Customer Service role in our 4PL team to manage the team and workflow around managing all outbound orders. To date we have not found the perfect person to fill this position and thought we could ask you.  Do you know of anyone that is looking or that we could approach?

In a nutshell we are looking for someone that is:

  • Absolutely process driven and will hold themselves and the team accountable for getting it right (Kim’s words are “bulldog”)
  • Great at quickly building rapport for managing the 4PL customer facing aspect (either by phone or email)
  • Capable of being in front of the SCS customer reporting on performance (and change management required to match KPIs)
  • Computer savvy


Below is the seek ad or feel free to contact philip@supplycs.com or simon@supplycs.com directly.





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