Clearance Sale opportunity to quit your SLOB (Slow and Obsolete) stock


walking_with_shopping_bags_PA_150_clr_5745Hi there, one of our clients holds regular clearance sales, these include leasing pop up stores and renting pavilion spaces at expo centers, advertising (radio and print) and managing the sales staff.

Recently they approached me as they have considered extending the service outside of their own product range and wondered if any SCS clients would be interested, I said “probably…many of our clients have the challenge of managing SLOB effectively” so if you’d like to explore the merits of this opportunity please drop Kath a line and she will put you in direct contact with them.

Kath Perry (PA to Brad Lindsay, MD) <>

Please note: If you do proceed with this opportunity it is at your own risk  i.e. SCS will have no financial involvement if you proceed, whatever agreement you strike will be strictly between you and our client, through this blog post we are merely facilitating an introduction, in good faith. I am certain there is value in this for many clients (plus reducing pallets spaces would assist our current space challenge – turning away customers most weeks is breaking my heart so we will gain there), in our experience there is risk around product accountability (checking inventory into and out of stores/pavilions (and the warehouse) and public sales environments) that don’t exist in our normal facility environment , clearance sales obviously work however you will need to make sure you have some good rules of engagement established around stock accountability, ullage, labelling, time frames  etc… that said the people offering to manage this are known to do an excellent job so I would encourage you to explore the opportunity for your business.




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