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enzHi all, as many of you know SCS is a founding sponsor of ENZ (ecommerce NZ), we’ve been delighted to support this organisation, they are a not for profit organisation who exist to promote and support NZ businesses who are developing their digital strategies; the organisation provides case studies,  networking opportunities, first hand exposure to different working models and a plethora of ideas on how to tap into this growing channel so you can leverage the opportunities and avoid a lot of the mistakes by learning from people and leaders who have been there and done that.

My personal and anecdotal experience is that B2C channels for clients I know (many through ENZ), is that their year on year growth through this channel was between 40 and 120% at the end of 2014. So it’s definitely worth exploring strategies on how to tap into this channel however there is a lot of pitfalls for the uninitiated, ENZ helps members avoid many of these.

A popular event last year has been the expeditions, you get to see operations in action and speak to  the people who have developed them, the next one coming up is on Feb the 18th and you’ll see Smith and Caughey’s, Countdown and HealthPost, great businesses, great stories I highly recommend these days for their value so if you’re interested be sure to sign up




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