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construction_accident_squished_400_clr_14740Loss and damages to freight is a fact of life and we at SCS have to deal with this issue when it arises. The biggest issue for SCS is that in a high number of cases the loss or damage is not our direct fault and has been caused by the Carrier we contracted to deliver the goods. If claims are managed in the correct manner and a timely fashion then they can be sorted pretty smoothly. Where we at SCS become unstuck is when a claim notification arrives with us outside the time restraints applied by the Carrier or the amount of the claim is higher than the maximum liability covered by the carrier. When this happens there is in many cases an expectation that SCS cover any shortfalls. SCS then finds itself in a position where we are being asked to make a commercial decision to pay out on the claim when it is clearly not our fault and this can put a lot of stress on the good relationship we have with our clients.

As a result we have investigated our options with our Insurance Broker and are pleased to advise that we can now offer Marine Insurance Cover on a shipment by shipment basis through Lumley Insurance. The policy minimums are a bit on the high side starting around $175.00 + GST depending on the nature of the goods but the actual premium as a percentage of value is very competitive and should be given serious consideration if you are moving shipments which are of high value and susceptible to damage. Premiums can also be adjusted depending on what excess level you apply. Please remember that under the Carriage Of Goods Act the maximum liability with a Carrier is limited to $2000.00 per piece and a pallet with multiple cartons on it is considered one piece and you cannot claim for consequential loss.

If this service is of interest to you then please contact your Customer Services Representative and they will be able to provide the relevant quote.

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