New Senior Staff Announcements





Hi All

I am absolutely delighted to announce the employment of Peter Furlong as SCS’s new GM. For the last couple of years this role has been shared by Phil and I. Phil will now be moving full time into the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and 4PL Manager role, I will be moving fully into the MD/CEO role with a focus on sales and innovation.

Why is this so exciting

1)I have known Pete for over 15 years, he is brilliant, Pete is Irish and has built and owned his own successful logistics businesses as well as working for multinationals, I was lucky to work with him in a previous life before SCS

2)Phil and I have been struggling to manage the role between us effectively and it has impacted on the roles we need to be looking after, this frees us up. It came down to a decision “we can’t afford to, we can’t afford not to”

3)The 3PL business has ridiculously small margins, as time permits I have been working  on alternative business solutions such as our exciting HR/Performance management tool PaT, our rapidly expanding H&S company and our new Professional Services divisions all of which afford higher margins and makes sense of the 3PL as they leverage our significant knowledge here. The new appointments finally allows me time to focus on these growth areas.

4)Phil has incredible capability to help us develop sophisticated financial reporting, he will now finally have time to do this, this in turn will enable us to make better decisions as a business in the future.

5)The 4PL division has always been a great potential growth module for us. With Phil taking this over fully it means we have full reign to really grow this division.

Please join me in welcoming Pete and congratulating Phil on the new appointments when you see them. In due course we are managing to get around all of the clients and make intro’s




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