Glossary of Terms for the logistics industry


figure_turning_custom_page_14411A couple of weeks ago we held a fulfilment master class for ENZ (Ecommerce NZ). A number of speakers spoke to a class of just under 20 about the last mile. SCS presented some fundamental lessons illustrating with practical examples, the difference between traditional processing methods and best in class. It was a great day, we discussed key elements etailers must be aware of in terms of The Last Mile, Cate delivered up some brilliant benchmarking around what etailers charge what for their fulfilment (plus a bunch of other useful stuff) and we heard from Dene Green about where NZ is heading which is pretty amazing.

One of the tasks I set myself was to provide a GOT – Glossary of Terms. Detailing words that we use daily in our industry. I’ve been told a number of times that some people listen to me and don’t understand what I am talking about, our industry is infused with acronyms. This makes sense when you consider that one half of our industry is physical and the other is digital nowadays. There are also many industry specific terms which, on reflection, if you are not an industry insider, you might find bewildering.

So, rushing between appointments I phoned one of my guys and started reciting some terms off the top of my head, 45 minutes later I had been talking non stop and I needed another hour to get to a stage where I thought I had a half decent reference document.

So here it is, it’s as boring as hell but if you’re talking to a logistics person, negotiating or trying to understand strategic options to drive your business you should find this useful. Becasue we serve B2B and B2C clients, some terms are more relevent than others depending on what your business does, to help, we’ve graded the relevency of the terms based on your business model.

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Glossary of Terms


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