Supply Chain Innovation for wholesalers supplying to retail – get a competitive edge! Part 3


By now (hopefully) you have read the previous articles on the importance of KPI’s.

A natural progression for SCS clients is to leverage our technology platform around this capability and offer it to your clients.

We’re all looking to perform better, faster and get an edge over the competition.

We all know that the way you achieve strategic goals is to create CSF’s (Critical Success Factors) then measure them – with KPI’s, to make sure you are on point, looking at the KPI’s and making adjustments as you see fit.

However, this is where most companies languish, they don’t have good systems to monitor the CSF’s.

Most companies don’t have a KPI system, crazy when you think about it, KPI’s are like a dashboard in your car they tell you if your car is overheating, you’re running out of oil, you’re running out of petrol or your exceeding the speed limit. Imagine a car without this?

If you can’t monitor it, you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

But what if you could monitor, measure and manage it, what if you had a discussion with your client and asked “What are your strategic goals for the business?”.

What if they told you and what if you asked “How do you monitor that?” and what if they said “Yes that’s a challenge” (duh?)

And what if you said “Hey I have an answer for that, our 3pl is technology savvy and they have built a smart phone app to log KPI’s, there is a web based portal that allows you to configure specific KPI’s for your business and run all the KPI reports you need, that would solve your issues, wouldn’t it” (note the tie down)

And what if said, wow that would be awesome can you do that …and because you are an SCS client of course the answer is yes!


This image (click for a larger view) shows how the KPI categories and KPIs are completely configurable, they are only limited by your imagination.

This solution is selling to non SCS clients for 1200.00 plus 120.00/month (hosting, licence fees and backups)

SCS clients receive their first one free and consecutive implementations (for suppliers and clients) receive a 50% discount!

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