SCS KPI logging goes mobile!


Screenshot_2014-08-23-14-12-35Screenshot_2014-08-23-14-14-42We have built a beta release application for logging KPI’s on your smart phone!

We need 3 test sites to work through any bugs and evolve the system to its full potential.

I’m incredibly excited about this app. Its a game changer as you’ll see in some following blogs. Its a step change for our business delivering simpler, faster and a more effective means to manage us as your 3PL, the expectations and the outcomes you get.

It will also present another unique and stunning tool our wholesale customers can offer their retail clients as a competitive advantage. We’ve recently sold a version of this to Steel and Tube to help them better manage their transport network.

The applications for this tool to improve business process are literally endless and they deliver outstanding improvement where ever you apply it. Its not limited to the supply chain either.

One very cool feature of the app is, if you have a reasonably modern phone (say less than 18 months old), then it will interact with the camera on your phone so you can take images of the issue.

KPIs are widely important and often over looked however they are the driver of excellence…I’ll be writing about this in more detail in future blogs.

If you’d like to be one of the guinea pigs as we work through any bugs on this new system, please drop me a line





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