Supply Chain Innovation for wholesalers supplying to retail – get a competitve edge! Part 2


NFCThe last article I wrote discussed what I am convinced will be a major shopping trend of the future – drop ship. I’m excited to say that we’re about to create a solution along exactly these lines with one of our more innovative companies, they win numerous awards here and overseas for their innovation and have a very successful business as a result – its going to be huge, it will include a large retail chain. I’ll keep you posted.

Meantime I want to share another idea that I think has legs that SCS clients can uniquely take to their retailers to add more value and acheive competitive advantages for them and their retailers.

NFC – Near Field Communication.

Check this out

This revolutionary way of shopping is resonating with a growing number of shoppers and literally changing consumer buying behaviour.

  1. Scan the QR code and download the shopping cart app
  2. tap the phone on the item you want (NFC) or scan the QR code to select it
    1. This adds the item to your cart
    2. You can also research the product, who’s using it, what goes with it, specifications etc…
  3. Buy it
    1. Take it now
    2. Have it delivered to your home or work or giftwrapped and sent to your Mom with a personalised card (direct from the fulfilment center (that’s us) – we do this already btw for a couple of clients).

This technology is creating exceptional customer experiences

We’re working with this technology now – our aim is to offer this technology exclusively to SCS clients – stay tuned.

Here is a good (quick) article on NFC

Adapt or Die, there are companies out there wanting to cut your lunch, we’re building formidable supply chain technology to keep you ahead of the bunch!


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