Fulfilment Master Class


Supply Chain is the answer. What’s the question? who cares … Supply Chain is the answer to increased margins, competitive advantage, reduced costs and higher customer satisfaction. Hyundai’s motto is “where goes Supply Chain, goes Hyundai” look where they have come in the last 5 years!

Innovation in SC is the difference between class leading wholesalers, retailers and etailers…and everyone else.

Check this vid out on a new technology driven retail solution to see where things are heading http://retail-innovation.com/us-retailer-hointer-uses-robots-to-deliver-your-selections-to-the-fitting-room/ On the 13th of August ENZ Are holding a fulfilment master class. In this first ever event you’ll learn how to process orders. You’ll walk away with:

  • pricing models for fulfilment
  • a theoretical and practical (you get to have a play) understanding of key fulfilment processing models
  • statistical data on returns that will change how you think about them.
  • ideas on how to improve your supply chain

If you’re interested check out the flyer below, non ENZ members pay 499.00, a special deal has been negotiated for SCS clients for only 299.00 (just mention this when you register with ENZ).

The course promises to be hugely informative, and fun.


Seats are limited so be quick to register.



Subjective Guarantee

If you are not absolutely satisfied with your workshop experience and the strategic documentation provided, simply provide us with your feedback and don't pay the invoice