Work Safety Advisory Services joint venture between SCS and Training in Supply


I’m delighted to announce we launched WSAS – Work Safety Advisory Services last week.

Monetising 3PL is a challenge and 4-5% returns are considered industry leading; so we’re always on the lookout for opportunities that compliment our core business (e.g. parcelWings which is now incidentally turning circa 1M/annum and delivering a brilliant courier solution to dozens of SCS HO based clients who dispatch courier and dozens of non SCS 3PL clients who benefit from this awesome technology)  With the new changes to legislation effecting work safety and our strong involvement in this facet of work life we have teamed up with Training in supply.

Work Safe Advisory Services (WSAS) is a joint venture between Supply Chain Solutions and Training in Supply. We have combined the knowledge, experience and skills of both organisations to bring New Zealand businesses a comprehensive health and safety solution insuring complete compliance with the new 2015 legislation.

Most companies we have been speaking to are grossly under-prepared, our prediction, following our market survey, is that most will find out the hard way. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse under the new act, nor can you insure against not being prepared the only way businesses can mitigate the risks this act presents is through understanding of the act through all levels and be able to demonstrate compliance with suitable forms and audits .

ACC officers policing the act will be increasing from under 30 to over 200 by April 01 next year. Fines under the new act are huge, a big change is that this now effects Directors; and any officer (anyone who manages people) in a company is now liable as are the people who get hurt (which is a whole new twist).

The changes effect every business of every type, not just labour orientated ones. Office environments are also effected. e.g. if a staff member slips on a floor in the kitchen and seriously harms themselves and it is discovered that an identified and practiced prevention strategy could have avoided the incident then WorkSafe will be involved and penalties will be imposed.

Our new legislation is identical to the existing Australian one; when it was first introduced in AU, most people didn’t take it seriously at first. Now everyone takes it very seriously, the fines are real and work safety is as much a part of doing business as the internet is (lot of people didn’t think that would impact business much either).

If you’d like help getting your business compliant, we’d love to help. As an SCS client you’ll get a 20% discount. The standard course pricing is only $340.00 per person (plus gst). It addresses all the changes and everything you need to know to become compliant. There is also an excellent H&S manual (optional but highly recommended). It’s serialised and customised with your company name, logo and hazards for only $195.00 + GST.

Check out the website and book a course, a few hundred dollars now is a lot cheaper than tens/hundreds of thousands of fines in the future! Alternatively call (number on the WSAS website) to request a meeting where a rep can run through the features and benefits of the course for your business.

Are you prepared?  We can help you make sure you are. Book a course

Click on the link below to see the major changes in the act and how they will effect you.

HSE Act v HS at Work Act v4


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